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Playing around with the web site.

YAK YAK YAK  Why anyone would want to read this is beyond me.


July 18, 2017--- During the past nine months I have made upgrades to my audio system. I replaced the AQ King Cobra interconnects with AQ Columbia. A noticable better difference. Tung-Sol tubes are now in the amp and I like their musicallity. Also, AQ Gibraltar bi-wire speaker cable replaced the Kimber 8TC. They have better definition, but are a little laid back. My system now sounds better than I've ever had. I suppose replacing the amp may be the next step up. Anyway, I'm basically happy with the changes and plan to enjoy what I've got for a while. Roll Tide!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still cold (30), will spring never arrive? It is better than Fort Drum's lousy, 3 weeks of summer, weather. I checked the average temp of Columbus, GA and Bellevue, NE. It is ,on average, 15 degrees warmer in the good ole' South. Every day I think about moving back home. But, unless I win the lottery........
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Friday, March 27, 2009

24 degrees this morning. I wore my leather jacket to work instead of the winter one and dang near froze to death. Two days break until I have to drag myself back to the high school. Maybe I'll try a little RTTY tonight.
6:25 pm cdt 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Testing this blog thing.
I just checked my bank book and I need a bailout quick.
It was 30 degrees this AM in Bellevue. Another reason to move to Alabama.
3:15 pm cdt 

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