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Playing around with the web site.

YAK YAK YAK  Why anyone would want to read this is beyond me.


July 18, 2017--- During the past nine months I have made upgrades to my audio system. I replaced the AQ King Cobra interconnects with AQ Columbia. A noticable better difference. Tung-Sol tubes are now in the amp and I like their musicallity. Also, AQ Gibraltar bi-wire speaker cable replaced the Kimber 8TC. They have better definition, but are a little laid back. My system now sounds better than I've ever had. I suppose replacing the amp may be the next step up. Anyway, I'm basically happy with the changes and plan to enjoy what I've got for a while. Roll Tide!

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

All KX0S now
The paper copy of my new license arrived today. It is now in the frame on the wall behind my desk. Now I am fully KX0S in everything. I have no regrets about changing, as I like the sound of my new call sign better. Besides, I think "The Chaos Station" has a nice ring to it.
4:22 pm cdt 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Call Sign, KX0S
The "Chaos" station is on the air. I did have to change a few things at ARRL, QRZ, and eQSL. I still need to change at eHam.net too. Kilo X-ray Zero Sierra (or Sugar). I like the sound of it.
11:51 am cdt 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Site Name Change
If things go as scheduled, my new call sign should be in effect tomorrow. If so, I will have to change the site name to match it. So long to KC0GSB. It's been a nice eleven and a half years.
9:50 pm cdt 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Headset
A few days ago I decided I wanted a headset for the Yaesu. I looked at the Heil models. A little expensive I thought. Time to do some research. I found a computer headset from Audio Technica, model ATR5200, that sold for $38 including shipping. A 3.5mm female plug wired to an 8 pin mic connector was easy to make. Now I have an excellent quality, comfortable headset at less than half the price of a Heil. I did an on-air check and was told the sound was excellent.
6:56 pm cdt 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Vanity Call Sign
On Monday, the 7th, I applied for a new call sign from the FCC. It cost a little over 13 dollars. I listed 5 preferences, but I believe I will get my first choice, KX0S. Does that sound like chaos? I did this because my C/S was too long for 'pileups'. I will miss KC0GSB as my initials are in it, and I've had it for over eleven years. I will have to change my home page too. Kilo-Xray-Zero-Sierra (or Sugar), Kay-X-Oh-S. I like the sound. I should know sometime in the next 18 days.
6:17 pm cst 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Antennas

It's time to do a little better with my antennas. The space and tree problem is still the guiding factor. The GP-15 has a high SWR due to a loose coax. The high winds are partly to blame. The oversize Pl-239's for the LMR-600 won't tighten fully, so I'm going to make a small jumper with RG-8. I believe I can put up a Mosley Mini-32-A and rotor on the new 30ft telescoping mast from Channel Master. I have several possible plans that I may use. I haven't decided yet how I will do things, but the small beam is probably a go. I can still have an 80m Vee-beam, but higher than it is now. I may also relocate the AR-10 and use the Rohn 30ft mast for the Mosley. I'll figure it all out soon. I've got plenty of time as the weather is still cold and windy.

8:43 pm cst 

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