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July 18, 2017--- During the past nine months I have made upgrades to my audio system. I replaced the AQ King Cobra interconnects with AQ Columbia. A noticable better difference. Tung-Sol tubes are now in the amp and I like their musicallity. Also, AQ Gibraltar bi-wire speaker cable replaced the Kimber 8TC. They have better definition, but are a little laid back. My system now sounds better than I've ever had. I suppose replacing the amp may be the next step up. Anyway, I'm basically happy with the changes and plan to enjoy what I've got for a while. Roll Tide!

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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Turner Microphone RK-70J
The Turner RK-70J arrived last Thursday. It was $17.95 incl. shipping. It did not work. The grill was loose also. During a test to determine if the receive and transmit wires worked I discovered the ground wire was bad in the cable. A cable from an old Johnson mic replaced it. It now works great and the grill is glued back into place. The compression circuit is very noticeable (although less than the RK-60J)on the output meter. I plan to use use this on my new 10 meter mobile.
12:32 pm cdt 

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Turner Microphone RK60J
The Turner RK-60J arrived today. I cleaned it up and then tested it. It didn't work. Using the O'scope I determined the element was dead. I replaced it with a high impedance element I bought from Mouser several years ago. It works great now. This mic has tremendous output with its compression amp. I keep the volume slider on 3 (it goes from 1-10) and it drives the radio like crazy. Until I got this mic, the Astatic Road Devil was my most powerful mic. This Turner now holds that spot.

11:01 pm cdt 

Friday, April 22, 2011

More microphones
I did it again. This time I bought two hand mics. One is the Astatic M6B (new) and the other is a Turner Road King 60J. I hope the Turner is in good condition. The Astatic I really don't need as I already own the RD-104e, and it has a better frequency response than the M6B. The Turner is a piece of radio history. It is amplified and has compression. It, and its cousins (JM+3, RK70J) may be the most powerful hand mics ever made. I can't wait to try it out. The Astatic is the hand-held version of the D-104. Since they are out of production, I thought I better get one while I still can.
10:13 pm cdt 

Friday, April 15, 2011

New Hand Microphone
Just what I need. Another microphone from EBay. I got myself a Turner JM+2/U. It is the hand-held version of the old Turner +2. After a little cleaning, and wiring it for electronic switching instead of relay, it worked fine. I did replace the electrolytic caps with some new ones from Mouser. It really drives the radio, just as I expected. The paper pop filter was brittle, so I replaced it with a silkscreen from an old Astatic D-104. I now want to get a JM+3. It must be a disease I contracted long ago. 
9:23 pm cdt 

Monday, April 4, 2011

CMA Last Night
The CMA awards were given last night. I tried to watch the show, hoping to hear some country music. I never did.
11:12 am cdt 

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