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July 18, 2017--- During the past nine months I have made upgrades to my audio system. I replaced the AQ King Cobra interconnects with AQ Columbia. A noticable better difference. Tung-Sol tubes are now in the amp and I like their musicallity. Also, AQ Gibraltar bi-wire speaker cable replaced the Kimber 8TC. They have better definition, but are a little laid back. My system now sounds better than I've ever had. I suppose replacing the amp may be the next step up. Anyway, I'm basically happy with the changes and plan to enjoy what I've got for a while. Roll Tide!

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Turner Microphone
I received an old Turner microphone in the mail yesterday. It was sent by Fred, VE7FMN. He only asked that I pay the postage, which was about $8. Typical of old high impedance mics, it has the Switchcraft screw on plug. I have a Switchcraft adapter to convert it to a 1/4 inch plug. I sent Fred a recording I made with it.I also did some research and discovered that it is a model 907 or 908. Th 7 is a ceramic element and the 8 is a crystal. Adjusting for inflation, the price today would be $52. Here's what I found in the 1962 Turner catalog:

Economical ceramic tape recorder microphone in durable tan

polystyrene. Excellent to use if heat or humidity is a problem in your area. Weighted to avoid tipping. Over 1/2 million are used in America today. Response is 60 - 8,500 c-p.s. Output level is -55 db. High impedance only. Price $8.00
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Mobile Radio
A new mobile radio arrived yesterday. It is a 10 meter Magnum 257HP. It is actually a glorified CB as it can easily be changed to cover that band. I will not do this as I have no desire to talk on channel 19. It does about 65 watts on SSB. We have a frequency, 28.305, that is our local rag-chew net. It's very informal with none of the "I'll turn it over to you" jargon. I plan to use either the Turner RK-60J or 70J with the Magnum. I have a three magnet mount and many mobile CB antennas to choose from. The inexpensive 5ft Francis seems to be the best, however. The radio has a nice blue LCD face that doesn't wash out in the sun. It also has 5 memories, adjustable power, and even FM. Not too bad for $195.
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